Lesser Gods

A Podcast

Lesser Gods is a soundscaped, shifting perspective, murder mystery podcast.


The Final Five

The youngest people left, the last 22 year olds


Self destructive and irreverent, Rhea is just looking for a good time.  As one half of the "Sacred Sisters" (or the last sisters on Earth), Rhea has spent her life not just struggling in her seemingly-perfect, older sister's shadow.. but almost reveling in it. 


Eros is charismatic and self-indulgent. He spends much of his free time under the influence of something, be it pills or Rhea. Eros might seem easy going, but he's hiding a secret that threatens to rip his relationships apart.


Unlike most of his friends, Char doesn't have a problem with anyone. Pleasantly vapid, Char spends a lot of time sculpting his body and getting involved in Rhea's antics when it suits him.


Not as adored as Iris or as infamous as Rhea, Persephone has taken recognition anywhere she can get it.  But after a lifetime of being denied the attention she feels she deserves, Persephone is ready for the spotlight- whether or not anyone is willing to give it to her. 


Beautiful and guarded, the public only wants to know more about Iris, but she struggles to connect to the people closest to her. The perfection she strives so much for personally alienates the people she wants to like her most. 


The newly revealed final unit who has spent his life hidden away. All he's ever wanted is to be part of the famous Final Five... but he'll soon realize the spotlight isn't all he hoped.


The Chaperones

Once the youngest generation themselves, they've been reduced to  full time companions to protect and supervise The Final Five.



The other half of the Sacred Sisters, Hera has devoted the majority of her life to serving the cause. She was once considered humanity's best bet at beating extinction... but as time went on and those hopes dimmed, she turned into a glorified babysitter for Rhea.


Apollo has an even less certain sense of purpose. He had issues  adjusting to losing the spotlight when the new generation was born and ushered in, and he's had even more trouble since Hera ended their 12 year relationship. Although his technical job title is Eros' chaperone, he spends most of his time trying to win Hera back.


Of the chaperones, Dion is newest to the job and he has a serious complex about it. He believes he is constantly being judged by the "oh so perfect" Apollo. That doesn't mean he isn't having a good time though. He and Persephone are getting along very well.



Artemis is Charon's chaperone. Small and quiet, she functions more like a shadow than supervision for Charon. 


Clark's mysterious new chaperone with a lot to say. 

Everyone Else

Government officials, law enforcement, and people who need something. 

Rosalind Black

President Black clings to her power as tightly as she can, despite the fact that being the President of a rapidly recessing population isn't a job many would want.

Shylock Green

Gruff but fair, Shylock is the main handler for The Final Five


Orsino Blue

A brooding detective who arrives to investigate the world's most notorious murder. 

The Void

A secretive organization who aims to disrupt the powers that be. Although they used to stay below the surface, communicating through cryptic messages, they're growing bolder and more audacious. 

Rebekah Gold

The clever and elusive former leader of The Void, and something more to Rhea.