Lesser Gods

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Lesser Gods is a soundscaped, shifting perspective, murder mystery podcast.

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Chapter 1

What Rhea knows...  Rhea is one of the final five youngest people on Earth. Charon is distracted. Persephone is ravenous. Iris is perfect. Eros is high. And Rhea is lost. 

Rhea and Eros (who are in some kind of a relationship) were spending just another night out partying, being taken home by Rhea chaperone and sister Hera early in the morning. 

The next day began as nothing special. Tests and meds in the gym followed by their usually useless team meeting, featuring their main handler Shylock and the other chaperones- including Hera's former boyfriend and Ero's chaperone, Apollo. But unlike every other meeting, Iris is missing. Eros is running late (which is not uncommon) but manages to arrive just before the president videos in. President Black announces that there is actually a sixth member of their group that they've never met. Everyone is furious and confused, but before any real questions can be answered it is discovered that Iris is dead. 



After the discovery, Hera questions Rhea about the night before. Rhea is more irate and defensive than she is helpful. Apollo arrives to speak with Hera and when alone, asks her not only to forgive him but to stop wasting her time on an ungrateful Rhea. 

Hera reflects on her relationship with Apollo, remembering how much she loved sharing the spotlight with him and their shared dedication to the cause (including how close they came...)

They are interrupted by Shylock, who says he needs to speak with Rhea. Hera becomes increasingly concerned when she overhears Rhea lying about Eros' whereabouts, but when she confronts her sister later they have an argument that leads Rhea to reopen Iris' greatest wound and say something she can't take back; that the affair between Iris and Apollo was Hera's own fault. 

Reeling from that betrayal, Hera heads to Shylock.

Meanwhile, in her own home Persephone is plotting. Sick of being marginalized and judged, she decides it's her turn to have some respect. She tricks her grieving chaperone and paramour, Dion, into giving her access to the Internet and allowing her to post an obituary of her own...